MARS 1523 robot progress

Hello CD community,

I just have to brag on the team. It’s been a tough 5 weeks and everybody has worked hard to get this far. We are not done yet, but are making good progress.
Go to if you are interested in seeing the unconventional methods employed this season.

Check out the gallery often. The pics are updated so fast, I can barely make it home before they are posted! Hopefully, there will be some videos posted soon.

The students have really stepped up this year and are running the show. As a rookie year (2005) mentor, I can see this team becoming a influential force on their community going forward.

Oh yeah, Watch out for the robot too. It is Mega-Awesome!

Good going.

are you guys coming to the scrimmage?

Ahh Mr. Ehle, you are stealing the thunder :wink: (we will likley be filming/releasing a video of our bot in action today).

Yes we are, and everybody is looking forward to seeing/competing with your lobster and the rest of the gang down in the swamp!

EDIT: Oh, and if you visit our site, we would appriciate it if you could report back on how the front page looks. The webteam just launched it yesterday, full of AJAXy and dynamic goodness, but on some computers it looks a little… odd. If you could state your browser and screen resolution if you have any problems, we would greatly the help to squash bugs!

HELLOOoooo Tim and TEAM 1523
The bot looks great can’t wait to see the video. The web page is a good one looks super and easy to use GOOD LUCK in FL see ya in GA in April. We are still working on TJ2 the 12th one, should be another good one we hope. Check out our web page Oh yeah — OH YEAH!!! as we say in the NORTH EAST, at least in TJ world!!!. that is

MOE from TEAM 88TJ2 :smiley:

does your end effector rotate to pull the ringers in?