Mars face mystery - Can/will the rovers solve this one?

I’ve known about this for a long time. Just wondering if it is in the area which the rover/s will be exploring, and if we can put this link to beings with strangely familiar shaped faces on Mars to rest once and for all.

Or, maybe it will just open up more controversy. Who knows. :yikes:

Anyways, Dave, or anyone else who is keeping track of the rovers, will they be exploring that part of Mars??

I’m not sure where they landed in relation to that feature on the face of mars or where they are now in relation to that as well, so…

Any insights?

Didn’t you watch Mission to Mars? It’s a building made by the Martians. If we can figure out how to open it, we can watch their message and get in a space ship to visit them.


I forgot all about that… My bad!!!

Ok, no need for any more posts, I forgot that movie explained it all. :rolleyes:

Seen it a couple times. It was crazy when he goes in there and then sees all that wierd stuff. Very trippy. Sorry I can’t describe it better. I really liked that part of the movie but it has been a while since I’ve seen it. I guess I should go rent it.

NASA’s already attempted to solve the “mystery”, you know. MGS took a rather high resolution picture with better lighting. It doesn’t look much like a face now if you ask me. give that picture to someone the doesn’t know what it’s supposed to be and I bet less than 1 in 20 say it’s a face. Rotate it 180 degrees and it’ll be even lower. In my opinion if something is clearly of artificial construction, it should be easily recognizable, even in a non-preferred orientation. Wouldn’t you be horribly confused if people suddenly completely stopped looking like a person when they did a handstand? And imagine the plight of the poor person doing the handstand…

I went on one of those tourist cave-exploring tours once. There was one outcropping inside the cave with two lights set up.

When they turned on one light it looked just like President Lincoln. When they turned the other light on it looked just like President Washington.

We have excellent pattern recognition abilities in our brains - we tend to see faces in all sorts of things that dont have faces. I think that original photo of Mars is one of those ‘things’.