Mars Rover Update

Closer and Closer. On the edge of Victoria crater.

Cool stuff

Opportunity = cliffhanger

What a story!

A couple of interesting details stood out as I read: (1) the rovers would make weight (sans batteries) at an FRC event, if the venue was on Mars, and (2) using 20/20 hindsight, it sure would have been nice to equip Opportunity with a winch and about 80 meters of cable, so she could abseil into Victoria Crater, making detailed observations of the exposed strata on the way.


Belay my previous comment about abseiling into the crater. :o Not necessary.

I wonder if there could ever be Martian snow boarders…

heh heh - just wait until Friday! :slight_smile:


For some reason that page keeps crashing Firefox on me. :frowning:


Not only does Dave like to post hints about the the new game…but now he’s starting to post hints about the activities of the Mars rover.

Does it ever stop?! :ahh:

When I click on the Victoria Crater image I get a 404 error.

Hmmmm I wonder 404 = 4 on 4 = GAME HINT???:ahh:

Check the images of the crater posted here: