Mars Rover Wallpaper....

So last night my brother was looking at pictures on his laptop and he came across this wallpaper.

I looked at it and thought it was cool, but it’s not the right size and I thought the render on the side could be better quality. So I went to work and remade the M2K4 logo and picked out some pictures online and put them together. Less than an hour later I came up with this.

I thought I would share it with you guys even though it’s 1400x1050 (I’m weird yes…blaim it on Toshiba, 1024x786 looks really fuzzy on my laptop).


Very nice! I like it better than the current version (but you should put a little “your tax dollars at work” line on the bottom :slight_smile: ). If you don’t mind, I would like to forward your artwork to Brian Dunbar, the NASA Portal Webmaster. Maybe he will want to use it.

But I have to admit, my favorite version is this one!


That would be cool.

That link of yours was really funny, I had my volume up really loud and wasnt expecting it.


I know how that goes…1024x786 looks fuzzy on my laptop too…it likes 1400x1050…but I’m on a Dell. Awesome wallpaper though…I saw it the other day on David Kelly’s laptop and I’m using it at the moment too. :]

Looks like NASA has created a very cool site for the Mars mission at There’s a lot of really cool stuff, and under the multimedia section there are some good wallpapers. :smiley:

Hey Dave, out of curiosity…

Are you working on Mars time as well as participating in FIRST? Cause that’d make you kind of a first (no pun) half-interplanetary mentor.

It’d also make you a good candidate for what a slightly longer day does when the body is under extreme amounts of stress :p.

On the longer day, however, Dave dosn’t sleep during the 6-weeks, so it is not a big deal anyway.


Wow, you did that in less than an hour!?

Verry impressive. I think yours looks better…

Now, to find those 3D models for our animation… :smiley: (Hint)

Right now, I am flipping back and forth between Mars time, Pacific Standard Time, and Universal Standard Time. My circadian rhythm has gone from proportional harmony to syncopated insanity, and is totally screwed up. Sort of like a typical build season.