Marshmallow Peeps - Yucky or Yummy?

Just another random poll.

Do you like them or not?

I loooooove Peeps!

Mmm mmm Peeps :slight_smile:

Tricky question! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t like to eat them…but I do like to put them in the microwave!!! :smiley: :ahh:

I can eat a few but a whole bag of them would probably send me to the hospital to get my stomach pumped.

Two or three at a time, yes. Any more and it’s too much for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Peeps are amazing right out of the microwave.

Jess, I think he means place them in the microwave and put it on high for 10 minutes…

I don’t like peeps, so yucky I guess.

peeps are so yummy but its even more fun to put on a play using the peeps as the cast lol but it’s even more fun when you put a firecracker in one and let the peep get blown to pieces lol

Those nasty little things are good for Peep Jousting and random science experiments. That is about it. I am firmly convinced that they were never actually intended for human consumption.


Go peeps!!! Like Moe-man said, explode the peeps!!! it’s really quite awesome. :smiley:

y-u-c-k time a bazillion. Peeps are so nasty, there like artificial marshmellows covered in artificial sugar. I litereally gag when i see a person put a Peep in there mouth and eat it. blahhh times a million zillion lol

MMM, peeps…

Okay, slight exception to the above: I don’t like anything marshmellow-based for Halloween. However, when Easter comes, we buy them in bulk.

Yeah, well, I say the same thing about Krispy Kremes. :stuck_out_tongue:


not quite as good as the real thing however…

Each day at work, our demonstrations staff put Peeps through all sorts of science-related torture for the delight of audiences.

We burn them and freeze them and put them into a vacuum and all sorts of other ridiculous things. I think they’re gross to begin with, but after seeing them in a Bell jar, I wouldn’t dare touch one.

Diiiisgusting…Yuck. I get sick when mom eats them frozen…shiver Yucky. Extremely.

MMmmmmm, Peeps… yummy, choooey, and gggooooey, for every Holiday of the year! Gotta Love Peeps!

i will eat just one a year, around easter other then that i dont touch them. I am not a fan.

Yeah, well, I say the same thing about Krispy Kremes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohhh! It’s ON dude! :smiley: