MarsWars 4143 Barbie Jeep Chairman's Award Project

Go to our website for instructions on how to remodel your own:

What teams should be doing! Nice job guys!

Excellent job!!!

Awesome job, guys!

look forward to seeing your team at the scrimmage on Sunday.

Great job.

Watching her smile = About as cool a project as I’ve ever seen

I have been in FRC for 7 years now and have done a lot of cool things with the students, but this was by far the coolest ever - now we challenge the other teams to find a child in their community and do the same!

Reminds me of the baby walker 612 built for an infant with Grebe syndrome in 2006. The threads about it are vague and reference videos that are no longer on the internet, so the best source of information is probably their Chairman’s submission.

Very cool!

There are various organizations out there to get linked to adaptive technology projects to help children.
In Maryland we have the V-LINC. They take on projects from all over. Lots of overlap with their volunteers and robotics volunteers.

That’s a fantastic application of what you guys have learned. You’ve changed that little girls life!

What a great project you guys have here. I’ve seen similar projects done by college engineering groups but I’m so glad a FIRST team has done the same! These projects are an inspiration to us all.