MARTA (Atlanta Transportation) In The News Today

The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority or MARTA is in the news today. They provide the trains and buses that FIRST attendees use to get around Atlanta.

Some here may already have or will soon hear about this issue. MARTA depends on sales tax revenue for at least 52% of its operating budget. Recent forecasts indicate a reduction in that income of about $40 million in their 2009 revenue. The Georgia General Assembly that ended last Friday, failed to pass legislation that would have helped MARTA with additional funding and lifted restrictions on the use of MARTA capital reserve funds.

MARTA is discussing cutting service at some time during the week. However, this is only talk at this time and a decision will not likely be made until June so I don’t think the Championship’s this year will be affected in any way. Many people don’t think that the state will let the cuts in service happen as it will affect too many people.

So the bottom line I believe is, that your Atlanta transportation needs will be met this month. If you plan on using MARTA, be sure to buy a multi day pass for unlimited riding. Others here can advise you if there are discounts for FIRST attendees but a 4 day visitor pass typically costs around $12.

The MARTA website can be found here. To read more about this issue, click on “Latest Headlines & Other News” items on the top right.

And…Welcome To Atlanta!


From Daily Kos:

Read into this what you will. Either help support MARTA by riding that day, or avoid MARTA 'cuz it will be PACKED.

What would braves games be without Marta? Absolutely impossible to get to while in college without a car. This is going to be interesting getting from Emory Univ. to the Dome on Marta on Friday