Martin 20P hubless gears

I’m looking for Martin 20P gears (20* PA) like Small Parts sells (GSS part number prefix) but with NO hubs. Does Martin make these? I sure hope so because it is a pain milling or turning off the hubs. I’ve looked at their catalog but it is quite confusing to me. If they do make them, what is an example of a part number? I need the part number so I can get them from Motion Industries. I will need 30, 45, and 60 tooth ones. Thanks.

Martin doesn’t appear to offer 20DP 20deg PA gears in hubless versions. I’ve checked Browning/Emerson-EPT and they don’t either. I have a few possible options:
SDP-SI offers 20DP 20deg spur gear stock. The down side is that you’ll have to bore it yourself and cut it to width. The up side is that you can make the gears whatever widt you want. I used this stuff to fix a problem with stripping gears in our tranny this year.
Rush Gears appears to have what you need. I can’t get prices, so you’ll have to call and get a quote. If all those gears they list aren’t stock, then it’s quite possible that it’ll be cheaper to just buy the martin gear and machine it down.

I remember hearing that Rush Gears are extremely expensive.

I had to take the hubs off of like 12 gears and it only took me around an hour or so, so it isn’t that big a deal.