Marvel or DC?



I’m just curious…
Personally, I like Marvel movies, Marvel comics, but DC TV Shows (CW)

  • Marvel
  • DC

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Also, Who is your favorite character?


Both are bad.


Wow… I was expecting at least one DC Fan haha


and someone finally voted for DC lol


Minority time!


DC comics, Marvel movies (especially last decade). Haven’t watched as much super TV, but I’d call that an even split; good and bad on both sides.


Spiderman has been and always will be my favorite superhero. Side note, Into the Spiderverse was fantastic!


@HolyDollar Yes it was fantastic. Although, I like Spider-Man Homecoming the best. Have you played Spider-Man PS4? I would highly recommend it if you have not, as it is probably one of my favorite games of all time.


Unfortunately I don’t have a PS4 or I definitely would’ve! It looks amazing.


Everybody loves the MCU

Not a DC person, but Aquaman was actually amazing


YES it was one of the best games iv’e ever played


I think it’s clear that Marvel wins in the movies but for TV shows it’s a bit more divided. I think Marvel TV shows are better because you have shows like Daredevil which have consistently good writing, characters, and action. DC shows feel like once you’ve watched 1 season you’ve watched the entire series.
However, DC has the best comic books by far because they’re consistently really good. Despite this my favorite comic book storyline has to be planet hulk/world war hulk.


@darth_tabor Aquaman was pretty good, and I am excited for Shazam as well… the trailer looks great!

But yes, I do agree with you that the MCU still reigns supreme over DCEU! :grin:



I do agree that DC shows can be repetitive, but I feel that they bring in more from the comics than the Marvel shows did/do.

Also, I agree with you that DC comics can be better, except I still have to stick with marvel because I enjoy the marvel characters more and I feel like Marvel does a better job with character development in many of their storylines…