Maryland FIRST website

Maryland FIRST has a new website to help the teams, mentors & coaches, volunteers, and the public navigate FIRST programs in Maryland.

Many thanks to Bill D., the brand new VISTA for FIRST in Maryland, and Marco C., longtime FTC/FLL/JrFLL mentor for putting this together in record time :slight_smile:

Great design ! I like how you are avoiding dreaded drop downs or pop ups. The layout is very clean and professional.

This gets me really motivated to help Texas FIRST websites improve.

But FIRST, does anyone know of other states that have a full program FIRST website ?

Here is my list so far :
MD -
WA -
IN -
DE -
HI -
CT -
MI -

I want to get a few more ideas before Texas rolls out a design.
That’s all I could find, please share more if you have them,

Updates ( thanks for the help ! )
FL -
NC -
GA -
OR -

Canada -
Israel -
Brasil -


Wow, and without even leaving CD. I found these on the bottom left of the portal.




I agree with previous poster…, thank goodness for a flat HTML site with clear navigation and no animations etc.

I can fully navigate the entire site with my iTouch…
Try that on (eye roll).

The only thing I couldn’t find was a Map for team locations. I was at BOB recently and it was great to see that map of teams. (Although I felt quite isolated out in Garrett County :slight_smile:

Please have your excellent web designer add a team location map. A Google map would be cool, but in the interest of simplicity, it could be just a plain web image, linked to a hi-res printable version.

Thanks again.

Nice website. Clean and good looking
Have to double check some of the usfirst links that are now invalid, such as, the “Mentor Resources Library” :slight_smile:

Here are a few more full program websites:
FIRST Colorado -
FIRST Kansas & Western Missouri -
FIRST Minnesota -
FIRST Virginia -

Mark, don’t get me started…

FIRST HQ has sent me an assurance they are working on all the invalid links within the Mentor Resources Library, so I am assuming that is why they took down the entire Library.

Onwards, to a new day, when all links are linked :rolleyes:


FANTASTIC!!! :smiley:

Thanks Jenny & Marco.

By the way, Oregon’s regional site has changed from to in light of the addition of the Seattle Regional. The old link will redirect you to the new one for a while. The new website was redesigned using Wordpress.

Nice site. The navigation kind of bothers me though because it doesn’t stand out - could be a bit bigger. Its also not clear to me that the top row is related to the second row. Maybe some graphical tabs would help to enforce this notion?

You’re also missing a favicon - don’t forget this little piece to top off the look!

The map of teams is AWESOME! How did you guys do this? I’ve tried working with the Google Maps API before and it gave me a headache.

Great to see you guys so organized.