Maryland teams - Mentor dinner - Jan. 13 2014

The annual Back-to-Build Mentor dinner sponsored by the Baltimore Area Alliance.
Monday, Jan. 13, 2014 6:30-8:30 pm

This is always a fun and informative evening as the mentors debate strategy and ideas. There is a lot of sharing that goes on.

What: An opportunity to network with other mentors, and participate in an informal Q & A with the Chesapeake Regional Head Referee, Lead Robot Inspector, and others. Bring your questions, and be prepared for a lively discussion.

Dinner: Famous Dave’s BBQ will be served. We will collect $5.00 at the door to cover dinner expenses.

Who: Up to 4 mentors per FIRST FRC team may register to attend. This is a mentors only event; students are not included at this event.

A link to registration will be going out in the Senior Mentor newsletter. PM me if you want more information.

Sounds great, PM sent. I’ll see if I can bring along anyone else from 4464 and/or 449.

Time to register for the dinner.
Mentors only.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight.