Mascot Challenge

Alright everyone, I tried to set this up last year when we were at nat’ls, but I ended up not getting to do it (adults worried that i was dehydrated -but i was fine-), so I’m planning it earlier.

Right Now! I am issuing a challenge to all US FIRST teams that will be attending Nationals. I challenge you to come up with the best team mascot!

(hee hee… that is, try to make one that can top our giant uppet, which i wore for three days straight at nat’l last year.)

Giant MOE will once again be at nationals and Philly this year (in reincarnated form), although i’m not sure about VCU yet. I’ll post more info later, when it gets closer and I know what the schedual is.

have fun building! (or sweating for you silly people who agree to wear the school costumes in FL. I still pity the T-rex, he was sweating like crazy at Rutgers, I coudn’t imagine what FL was like for him.)


Mascot you say, hmm I’ll have to look into that!!

On an unrelated note, could ou possibly pick a darker green for your text color in your threads??? I know that flourescent green is trademark MOE material but it is very uneasy on the eyes in the thread!!!

*Originally posted by Elgin Clock *
**On an unrelated note, could ou possibly pick a darker green for your text color in your threads??? **

Also completely unrelated, but for the weird colors I just click and highlight the text so it appears black on a grey background :wink:
I saw an uppet from team 316 at VCU, as well as several other great mascots…anyone else gonna take up this challenge?

If we can break out (Or find lol) the Cooney costume from our school, maybe someone will end up wearing it. We’ll let you know

sorry Elgin Clock, I’ll try to be less blinding. It’s kind of a habit. (If you think that was bad… you should see my room!)

I saw a few mascots at VCU, and one looked surprisingly familiar, i don’t know why… :rolleyes: Our temporary uppet didn’t hold-up to well, but we got woody and dean to sign it. so it’s kind of cool. We should have a better one by philly.

As for those school mascots… I would just like to post a warning to anyone who is planning on bringing one of those thick furry mascot “prisons” to nationals… Our mascot was mounted to a backpack frame, so I could feel the breeze and cool down. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE! who plans on being inside those type of costumes should have regular breaks and have someone to keep an eye on their water intake. Dehydration and Hyperthermia are VERY SERIOUS!!! Try to share the duty of being mascot with other team members if it is possible.

be careful everyone.


Good point, that could be a bad thing


I don’t know about what the uppet will be like in philly, but jake, I promise It will be amazing by nationals.


Ducky, I’ve been working on that Uppet, 'cause I’ve been selected to cart it around this time. We made it much lighter (the old Uppet weighed as much as MOE, believe it or not).

well if you want the greatest team mascot look at my picture (not the blue meanie) I do exactly what it says below ( yes Wear hula girls on my head and mak people cheer by doing the white boy dance) and yes i have taken my vitamins said some prayers, so you need to ask your self

What’ch ya gonna do when I go Volcanic on you ASH!?


I remember you from last year, LOVED the hat!

[and the white boy dance!]

The FEDS might be bringing our big blue falcon suit, but I wouldn’t count on it. He made appearances at Cleveland and Chicago, for those of you who were there, but Florida might be a little too hot for our mascot. That, and it might be difficult convincing our school to let us bring the suit, as well as the size. I think it’s too big to be checked as baggage on an airplane (does anyone know what the maximum size is?). However, if we can overcome all those obstacles, and convince the mascot guy to wear it in Florida, you might get a glimpse of Freddie the FEDS Falcon.

The hat is officially the coolest hat ever (the volcano one)
The skeleton on top does the white boy dance right along with mike. unfourtantly, wiht the loudness of the cheering, you can’t here the little guy sing “SUPER FREAK! SUPER FREAK!”
Definately something ill make my kids when they go trick or treating.
wow, did i just look into my future and said ill have kids? ::shudder::
cant wait for nationals!

Hey everyone i am from team 238 i am the vice president of our team and i am new to this board!! The mascot idea is really good and we shall also be bringing down our mascot, which we r called the Crusaders so it will be a crusader! Hope to see u all in Florida!!:smiley:

Ya the CRUSADER is awesome…lol, I was scared of that thing when I was in high school!