Does anyone know if there is any requirements for the mascot outfit and what they are.

FIRST has no rules concerning mascots really.
It’s pretty much up to what the teams want to do.

Thank you.

Yeah, teams aren’t required to have mascots during competition, so I cannot imagine there being any rules about it. I’ve never come across one.

Since mascots are optional, how they are constructed and presented is decided by the team.

The girl who costumed our football mascot was also on our robotics team, and she brought it (Jack the YellowJacket + a roll of aluminum foil :P) to all our regionals for the past few years, and I have never heard any rules.

I suppose there are some pretty common sense rules though, pertaining to safety. Just don’t go too buck wild :ahh:

My only rule with mascots is they are not allowed down in the field area.

Safety glasses near the field. Stay out of the pit. And HAVE FUN

Also make sure that whoever is inside of the mascot costume does not have obstructed vision.

Is it OK to have some one follow the person in the mascot around to help them.

Mascots are largely unregulated by FIRST. They are NOWHERE in either half of the Manual. So any questions on legality of anything having to do with mascots, assume “legal” unless safety is compromised or the mascot goes somewhere he/she shouldn’t.

I would actually recommend this. The process for our mascot getting around the regional is grueling, I don’t even know he does it. We have someone guide our mascot around and also tell people what team we are and all that. It’s really helpful to him.

The manual’s regulation is in the Administrative Section 4 (At the Events):

4.13.2 Mascots and Team Costumes
Keep safety in mind. Awards acceptance often means descending and ascending stairs/bleachers. Please make sure that mascot and team costumes are safe for the wearer as to vision and movement and that they are comfortable and cool enough to prevent fainting and dehydration.