Mass Compile?

Will this allow code to compile or download faster?

Is there anything specifically related to FRC that I should know before trying to use it?


Mass compile is typically used with upgrades or when someone sends you a large collection of libraries from a different version of LV that needs to be upgraded or moved to your platform.

It shouldn’t hurt anything in your FRC build, but shouldn’t make much difference either. The RT target is PPC and your laptop is Intel, so to download to the cRIO is actually a cross-compile. The first time it compiles for PPC, the object code is stored in a database cache file to be reused in future builds.

Other things that will speed development in LV are to make good use of the interactive run. You do not need to build and deploy in order to do most development, and the LV environment will incrementally patch in just the VIs that changed and will lead to a very fast develop cycle. Additionally, if you aren’t sure of the value of a constant, it is good to make it a control instead of a constant holding a guess at the value. This often allows you to leave the code running and adjust it from the panel as needed. Once the value is known, you can popup and change to a constant or make the current value default. Also be sure to try using probes to debug rather than printf-style of modifying code as you need to see intermediate values.

I hope these suggestions help. Please ask if you have more detailed questions about any of them.

Greg McKaskle