Mass properties in Inventor

Yeah, I know we’re all shipped and everything, but does anyone know how do do mass properties in Inventor? I know it can be done (the battery file in the library has an off-center CG), but not how.

The mass properties are automatically calculated based on the geometry and the material. The geometry is obviously determined by you’re drawing, and the material is set in the iProperties section(in the File menu). This iProperties menu will then generate center of mass, moment of inertia, mass, volume, etc. The mass and volume are fairly accurate(as accurate as the material data), but I can’t attest to the accuracy of the other properties as I’ve never bothered with them.

Two things to watch for when doing mass calculations, etc. in Inventor: make sure the material properties are correct and watch out for simplistic models. The battery most likely is modeled as a simple block of whatever material is specified - not as an assembly of lead, gel, plastic case and metal terminals.