Massachusetts Segway Legislation

From today’s Boston Globe - Segways NOT intended to be included in bill on mini-motorbikes:

Representative John Lepper, an assistant Republican leader who proposed the reconsideration on Monday, said: “We in the minority leader’s office are not in favor of Segways being included in that bill. I don’t think at this junction we’re prepared at an informal session to go forward with legislation that affects them.”

He said he would not have a problem passing the bill if Segways were not included.

The legislative aide for Representative Robert Fennell, a Lynn Democrat and a sponsor of the bill, said Fennell never intended Segways to be included.

“From our office’s perspective, our feeling has always been that Segway caters to a different market that generally is older, has a driver’s license and insurance, and has responsibility with experience on the road,” said the aide, Anna Waclawiczek.

Thank you Stu for keeping us updated! This is certainly a GOOD thing that they are not lumping Segways into the bill!!

Today is defentally a good day in keeping Segways on the sidewalks where they should be!! :cool:

I still can’t believe they would even consider it! Boston’s police force uses the Segway and they are present state wide by many other users including the featured WPI campus police. I think they need to do the opposite and make a bill specifically allowing them because the law technically already outlaws them (no “motor vehicles” allowed on sidewalks or in parks).

Please take a moment to read the following important information regarding your Segway HT legal status in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Your support is needed now! Please contact your senator and local resentatives to urge support for the freedom to choose to use your Segway HT as a safe and efficient mode of transportation. Find your senator and state representatives here.

To: SEGAmerica and SegwayChat Members

From: Matt Dailida, Director of Regulatory and Government Affairs

Re: Important Update Regarding Massachusetts Regulations Regarding the Segway HT

Date: August 31, 2004

Dear SEGAmerica and SegwayChat Members:

As you probably know, in recent weeks the media has reported on the changing status of Massachusetts House Bill (HB) 1544, a bill that is intended to regulate motor scooters and mini motorbikes. We continue to be faced with the challenge of separating Segway Human Transporters from scooters in the state and need your support to obtain the freedom to operate Segway HTs safely in Massachusetts.

We agree with the intent and objective of HB 1544, that is, to create a safe environment on the sidewalks, free of noisy, fast-moving, inexpensive scooters. However, as currently written the legislation creates acceptable guidelines for mini bikes and motor scooters, but completely restricts the use of Segway HTs from roads, sidewalks and bike paths. Representative Robert Fennell, sponsor of HB 1544, and Representative Leper have been supportive of removing Segway HTs from the bill but continue to face pressure about the issue.

If you would like the freedom to use the Segway HT in Massachusetts we encourage you to notify your state representative and senator, and local media, that this legislation will affect you and request that Segway HTs be regulated separately by House Bill 1550. If passed, House Bill 1550 would define the Segway HT as an “Electric Personal Assistive Mobility Device” (EPAMD). This bill would legalize Segway HTs on sidewalks in Massachusetts and allow municipalities to develop further regulations. As of today, 41 states and the District of Columbia have actively passed EPAMD laws.

As you know, the Segway HT, which has the equivalent energy efficiency of 450 miles per gallon, has the potential to reduce traffic and environmental pollution. In addition, Segway HT owners have proven themselves to be responsible, educated and mature, and they have consistently demonstrated safe and appropriate use of Segway HTs.

Helping both individuals and communities understand and realize the full benefits of the Segway HT is a challenge and opportunity we deeply care about. We appreciate the hard work of Segway owners in the region who share these goals. We will continue to work with legislators and other to secure the freedom to operate that Segway HT owners deserve.

We encourage you to voice your opinion to your state representative and senator today, and send letters of support to Representatives Robert Fennell and John Leper. Contact information for them and local media follows. To find the contact information for your state representatives and senators visit

The addresses are:

State Representative Robert F. Fennell
State House
Room 38
Boston, MA 02133
Fax: (617) 626-0222

State Representative John Lepper
State House
Room 128
Boston, MA 02133

Boston Globe
Ms. Glenda Buell
Letters to the editor
Fax: (617) 929-2098
Alternate fax: (617) 929-3192

Boston Herald
Ms. Rachelle Cohen
Fax: (617) 619-6450
Alternate fax: (617) 619-6655

Telegram & Gazette
Ms. Susan Mulrooney
Fax: (508) 793-9313
Alternate Fax: (508) 793-9281

Thanks for your support!