Ok Well there has been a few regionals that have taken place now. and i know that there is team spirt out there so i want to know who is your teams masscot(s) and who is in charge of team spirt for your team.

We didn’t really have a masscot this year all though there are plans to dress me up as a sort of Knight next year. :smiley: lol. I have to mention team Voltage and their Masscot. It was definatly origional. Allthough it looked like that pikachu pokemon thing. No offence. lol

all we have is one person on our team who just is there. Next year i think our team name may be changed, a dasiy is a hard thing to mascot. I think we will get some armor made and have a sword fight.

Well last year the team captain told me I was the Mascot. I guess I am this year.

well… im in charge of the team spirit for team 230 ( the gaelhawks) and im also our mascot!.. its so fun being a mascot :slight_smile: … im a female viking… we had a big performance in Philly during lunch with all the mascots…its was pretty cool!.. i hope we could do it during luch or whenever at nationals!