Master Code 11?

Hello everyone,
Today someone forwarded me an email with some updates about what parts would be available at nationals and what kind of support we could expect. Well, I lost the email, but I’m pretty sure I heard something about a Master Code version 11 for the OI. I am wondering whether or not it was a typo. I think I remember also the email saying that it was not required… which makes me rethink writing it off as a typo. I checked the IFI site and there is no version 11 Master Code available for download. Did someone else read the email more thoroughly than me and/or not delete it and know what I am talking about?



IFI is currently working on Master Code 11,

it fixes an issue with PWMs 6-12 where the pwms would become active for a fraction of a second, when the robot is not powered in disabled mode (the way it is normally powered at FIRST events) it will not be required for The Championships, it isn’t a typo,

Hope that helps, and here is the link for update 19

Thanks Big Mike, I searched the forums and the FIRST site, but couldn’t figure out where the information in this email came from. The person who sent this to me is sleeping like any sane person should be right now :slight_smile:


I plan on taking the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach on this… I have yet to see this problem at all, and even if it happened to us, the only pwm effected won’t hurt anything at all.

Unless its a requirement, I won’t be using it… I don’t want to have to diagnose a problem between it and our code at nationals.

I think it’s a requirement to use v10, since last year’s versions (6 and 7) won’t work with the new OI. If you’re using the 2004 RC, you’ll need to upgrade. If you’re using the 2005 RC, you’re ok.


V10 is all that is required regardless of which controller you are using.

In V10 we discovered that the PWM outputs on both the 2004 and 2005 RC would “jump” when communications is established with the OI unless the DISABLE pin is shorted on the competition port.

This “jump” manifests itself more when you use PWM 7 though PWM 12 as your outputs.

V11 eliminates the “jump” and that is all… As long as you can guarantee that no team member will be injured because they powered up on a tether (you are using low numbered PWMs or have a dongle plugged in at all times), V11 is not required.