Master Links Needed

If anyone can help me find some master links for the chain provided in the kit it would be a huge help and save me much time. If you can, thank you in advance.

As for posting this in the motors section, it seemed relevant. If you have a problem with it I’m sorry but there is no need to freak out.

Try then search for roller chain and look under accesories. Pitch is 35 (3/8ths)

Try a “real” auto parts store, such as NAPA, Car Quest, etc. Or a lawnmower shop. Or Ace hardware. They are readily available in most towns.

edit: yeah, you are looking for “number 35 chain” master links

wow thank you even those specs help. thanks!

That helps too. yea all we really have is ace hardware. Thanks

You can also get them at Lowe’s

Forget the master links.

Buy a # 35 chain breaker. They are quicker, and the chain will not fail at the master link.

Any Go kart parts supplier has them for $20 or so.

Be sure to get the one made for # 35 chain and not the universal one.

Good luck!

Mr. S
Team 353

Wouldn’t you still need to reattach them after breaking them? via master link or re-riveting?