Match 10" Mecanum wheels to Toughbox Gear

My students are trying to mount the geabox (thougbox nano hex) to 10" mecanum wheels. The hub recommended has a bolt circle of 1.87, but the wheel has a bolt circle of 3". I need help finding a proper hub. Thanks for the help in advance.

Keep in mind,

each (10" aluminum) mecanum wheel weighs 10lbs. - 40lbs of wheels

each toughbox nano weighs 1.7lbs. - 6.8lbs of gearboxes.

each cim motor weighs 2.8lbs. - 11.2lbs.

All together that’s 58lbs of your allowed 120lbs just in mobility(basically half of your robots weight). That’s not even counting the frame, electronics, or any scoring mechanism. I recommend that before you take on small challenges such as “How do we connect this wheel to this gearbox?” you rethink whether or not its worth it.

As you can only hold 3 balls your intake and shooting mechanism, should they decide to go that route, won’t have to weigh that much and they should be able to get everything under weight. Its just going to take allot of planning and proper implementation.