(Match) Points of Importance

My team is talking about what is the most important thing to do in a match. However what I have read on another thread was that an “Einstein Robot” will most likely be able to do everything by itself, but will specialize on certain things based on what their alliance can do. What do you think?

If you mean by “Einstein Robot” that every robot on Einstein will be able to do everything themselves. That is definitely a false statement.

The thread had to do with what a winning alliance would look like, and someone described it as two robots that would omniversially be able to “do all aspects of the game but specialize in one specific aspect”.

I suspect that alliances of Einstein:

  • Will have two very strong robots that each does one or two things exceptionally well, but are not completely inept at most other things.
  • Will have a third robot that does one thing very well - whatever the first two robots might be lacking. The third robot could be completely inept with other tasks…
    *Combined, the three robots will be able to capture the tower every match.
  • Amongst the three robots, they will be able to damage at least four of the defenses, not matter what the configuration.
  • Amongst the three robots, at least one will be able to accurately shoot in the high goal.
  • At least one of the robots will be very good at scooping up loose bounders.
  • Robots that cannot shoot into the high goal well will be able to climb.
  • All the robots will be able to damage at least two defenses, no matter the configuration

What are the most important points? All of them. No robot will be able to win high caliber matches alone. However, low level matches are totally different. There will be district qualifier matches where all six robots combine for something less than 10 points - so a robot that can do anything could win the match single-handedly.

We have analyzed how we think the game will be played and have identified a role within that analysis that we would like our robot to have (and that is within our capacity) to create. We then are creating the best robot we can to fit that role. We figure if we can play one role better than anybody else, we have a shot to go far.

Aside from being a defensive specialist, any role at which you can excel could easily push you to a top seed at a district event. (The defensive specialist could be chosen for an alliance, but will not rank high as it doesn’t score too many points…)