Match Ranking Points

I was looking through the tournament manual and saw this:

Anyone trying to think of a way of defending (granted, I don’t see how one could in this game) might want to pay attention to these rules. Of course, just winning a match is still far more important, but still something to think about.

It might even be in your favor to help your opposing alliance if you are winning by a landslide. Maybe knock down the opposing trackball if you are matched against an alliance of all rookie bots (hey, rookies could still do great! we were once rookies… ok, so we didn’t end up having a working arm…) or robots with broken manipulators / trackball knocking devices. We could see some interesting gameplay this year.

(I can dream of this coming into play for us, can’t I? :))

if there are no penalties then both teams get the same ranking points :confused:

yes, but RPs are much less important than the W/L record.

This is like when in AimHigh you could shoot into your opponents goal if you had already won and just wanted higher rankings. There are always ways to get these points but the reality is at most regionals they will not matter. Only for one or two but I remember at Bayou there was a clear cut seed 1 and at LSR there was maybe a tie for top two if even that so in most places it won’t even be an issue. …