Match results for SoCal Regional 2006?

The official FIRST website has yet to post match results, standings and awards for the SoCal regional:

I was told that the Forum did not provide internet access, so real-time posting wasn’t possible. It’s been over 24 hours and the data has yet to be posted.

Is there some controversy over the results, standings, awards that’s holding up publishing these on the web :confused: ? Or is someone still en route home with the data safely tucked away in their computer?

In general, data seems to get corrected/uploaded the monday after a regional. I assume FIRST people want at least 1 day a week off. However, if no one got the data off the computer, it might have to wait until they set up for the next regional. Or, if there was a problem, we might not see any data (like last year).

anyone else realize that SunDial did nothing but tell the match schedual. Rankings were off and said BAE Granite Regional and also didnt show ranks, as well as being off from which match was up. I was working at the FIRST Aid Station/ Machine Shop, so i never got to see matches that often. I wish SunDial would do a better job with results next year.

I happen to know there was internet access for the crew at the regional.

The results are posted now, in case you missed it.


Sundial is a new thing at LA and we tried our best to bring it to you to do the match times. The ranking system is still being worked on, but it was our friends that we met at BAE, 296, that had created the software. We brought it to LA to help make it run smoother by telling teams when they were cued up and if the matches are running late.

If you were at Nationals last year, you would remember that all SunDial did was just do match schedules. It has been improved upon from last season.