Match schedules

Does anyone have them? doesnt have them yet, and I want to know what the matches are!

Same, broken link. I was really hoping to have this by now.

I would guess that they would not be posted until after the pits open and the teams would have them in hand.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Teams had them last night.

Match lists have been posted, matches start up in 30 minutes!!

My teams got some tough matches tomorrow with one against 217, one against 1717, and one against 2056

Should be exciting!

There’s no qualification still for Archimedes. Any idea? Can someone post details?

Oops, looks like its only up for Galileo

They’re all up now for anyone interested!


Is Newton still down for anyone else? I can get the other 3, but of course not Newton, where my team is playing.

Seems like just as with the webcast, Newton is the last to get attention. Alphabet for the win!