Match Strategy Sheet for Drive Teams - Infinite Recharge

While I’ve found a few cheat sheets for scoring and pit scouting sheets, I love my match strategy sheets. I haven’t seen any match strategy sheets for this year so I finally made my own~

I included as much field detail as I felt necessary/possible, as well as increasing the size of the Power Cells that start on the field for clarity sake. In the case of climbing strategy being used I also included the detail-view of the switch with “ghost” angles of the max tip points.

If anyone wants to use it, the PDF is below! Please keep the 1810 Logo on there, and if you want to adjust anything I can give you the Adobe Illustrator file!

Match Strat Sheet_Rev2.pdf (163.6 KB)

Awesome. Added it to the (now extensive) list: All the INFINITE RECHARGE resources

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