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I’ve been making an effort to move my archive of 10,000+ matches from WatchFirstNow to YouTube in an effort to help consolidate them on TBA, however, I’ve noticed none of the videos I’ve “suggested” to TBA have been added. Is this something that usually takes a significant amount of time or is it possible that i’m doing something wrong?

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Was working on something similar, guess I can hold off now…

It depends. If you already suggested them all, then they manually will have to go through all 10k to make sure they’re correct, and prove them one by one, which is time consuming. I dont think they would be getting denied though.

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I’ve only suggested 150ish so far. Turns out YouTube limits you to 100 uploads/day.

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Suggested Videos are manually reviewed and approved/rejected by the moderator team. As of yesterday afternoon there was over 700 match videos in the queue, and that is down to under 500 this morning. While I can promise if you suggest it, we’ll review it, with the current state of the world I would ask for your patience and understanding as many of our moderators may have more pressing concerns. (Including yours truly who had to order toilet paper from McMaster Carr.)


Since I saw Adam’s post, I’ve got through about 400 videos so far this morning. I’ll keep plugging through.


Also, if there’s anyone out there who likes completeness, I’ve noticed there are a lot of 2019 Ontario Matches that are on the FIRST Ontario YouTube channel but aren’t linked to TBA. I just went through and added a bunch from ONLON and ONWIN, but if someone wants to “suggest” the missing videos from ONNOB, ONBAR, and ONOSH, that would help fill in all the blanks.

I’ll get to them this afternoon, All of the 2020 matches are missing however. I’ve uploaded 2020 ONOSH to my youtube and suggested those already.

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Hmm, I’m not seeing the 2020 ONOSH suggestions yet. Maybe they’ll show up later today. Approving and suggesting TBA videos is now my favourite self-isolation hobby! #FlattenTheCurve


just checked and their showing as suggested already

qm21/22 are private on the YT, 31/33 arent on the playlist at all, all other missing ones added.

qm 35/36 dont seem to exist on the playlist, all other missing ones added.

some channels have search functions, but FIRST Ontario doesnt. Anyone know what makes them appear?


Thanks to all the TBA mods who churned through that queue. I got some suggestions for 2019onbar and 2019onosh approved, but as listed above, some of the vids were private and I didn’t approve those.

i kinda just autofilled, my bad.

Anything past QM36 doesnt exist, instead the YT goes to Humber College instead. None of the videos are labeled incorrectly, the rest of North Bay just isint uploaded.

I just asked one of the account admins to check if it’s an option they can enable.

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I’m noticing none of the changes mentioned are showing up on TBA. Is this just due to caching? Is there a way for me to force the cache to update?

Due to caching, yeah it’ll update ~24h after the page was last generated. One of our admins could cachebust though.

Depending on how the data is on the backend, if you can construct a mapping of TBA match key (like 2020nyny_qm1) to YouTube video id, once of the admins can probably bulk-import them as well. Shoot us an email at and we’ll see if we can help

If you want help with tracking the number of matches and which matches are/aren’t on TBA I got this google doc completed a few days ago and could enable editing if I had an email.

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Is there a way to get the pictures uploaded to TBA to be presented in a certain order? Or are they just completely random?

@Bochek Bit of an update 4 months later, I spent a decent bit of timing digging through what was missing on TBA that was available on WatchFirstNow and was able to compile these different playlists:

My laptop is down atm so got them all suggested and accepted right at the right time.


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