Match where the Portcullis fell over

I’m a driver for my team and I heard that the Portcullis fell over in one of the matches I was queing in :yikes: I was wondering if anyone has that video because I wanted to see it. Teams that were on the field queing were talking to us through the black curtain in the middle trying to give us information. If you have the video can you post it to this thread please? Thanks! :smiley:

I don’t have a video of the match but I did manage to snag this screenshot from the stream when it happened

Our team recorded all of the Curie matches so I know we have it somewhere and may try to get it uploaded later today.

We were actually on the opposing alliance for that match and the brief description of what happened was that 3770 ran their portcullis autonomous but it didn’t quite go as planned and they tipped backwards with the portcullis coming down on top of them. 3546 attempted to dislodge them a couple of times and eventually hit them with enough fervor to knock the whole thing over.

Photo taken from drive station:

I happened to be walking around the floor and caught this match live. All I can say was WOW. It was like a slow motion train wreck that I could not look away from midway through auton until the match was finally stopped.

Same thing happened at Hatboro with my team’s robot:

This is probably why they’re not using the portcullis in offseason competitions.

That, and the Portcullis is dangerous to build and transport, because of the springs.

I agree with those who have suggested playing the CDF in every off-season match. If it were up to me, I would retire all the Drawbridges as well – and beef up the Sally Ports.

All of the defenses have seen hard use this year, but the Portcullis is the biggest safety risk.