Matches to watch out for at IRI

With the preliminary match schedule being released, something I and many other people are very interested in is which matches will be the most exciting to watch. I for one am excited to see the final match with my friends on 1310 alliancing with 910 and 1023 against my friends on 254, allianced with 2056 and 1241. What matches are you looking forward to?

19- 33, 330, 16 vs. 2175, 67, 1023: Two very strong alliances. Each robot does one thing and does it well, and each alliance will have strong strategy.
48- 179, 254, 624 vs. 494, 2481, 469: A couple of very stacked alliances. It’s going to be a very high scoring match!
67- 624, 2451, 1114 vs. 1718, 195, 573: A 624-2451-1114 alliance should easily be capable of scoring in the low 300s, it’ll be fun to watch.
87- 2451, 4488, 1023 vs. 148, 71, 118: One of the most stacked qualifier matches, all 6 robots are capable shooters, and any strategic arrangement for either alliance is going to be very powerful.

Match 14 is looking pretty good. 4039, 368, and 125 vs 4488, 254, and 11.

Was just about to say this, as my most anticipated match of the event.

Match 25 with an all Swerve drive alliance looks interesting.