Matches with red cards not being posted?

So I’ve noticed that any red card matches never get posted on blue alliance or YouTube? Curious why that’s a thing. Any thoughts?

this one had a red card and got posted. I’m pretty sure that that’s not a thing.

edit: So did this one:

It seems like at ventura every match with a red card was posted. Not sure about other events.

Carson had 3 red cards. 1 of the 3 red card matches are not posted. Overall, 9 of 114 matches are not posted. Given the small sample size, I don’t think that is statistically significant.

Roebling QF tiebreaker 2 (red card) is an incorrectly parsed upload.

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Here it is
Still looking for the strategic G19 violation though…

You know this was the only red card throughout all of Houston eliminations?

I’ll also vouch for the L.A. Regional red card matches being up.

Thanks for the link, but that is posted from your team account. I believe FIRST will copywrite strike it if they find it.

Yes that is anticipated.

I only say this because both of the red card matches 5690 has been in for excessive pinning through out 2019 have not been uploaded one including a final match at Lake Superior regional and one in Detroit yesterday. Not sure on match numbers.

I mean there’s a chance a video won’t get uploaded. This is probably you looking for patterns where there are none because there are plenty of matches with red cards which are uploaded.

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