MATE ROV in Alpena

I wasn’t expecting to be here, but got called upon to cover for another instructor who was unable to make it to the MATE ROV international competition this weekend, in Alpena, Michigan. Although I’ve seen a few MATE ROVs come together, this is my first time at one of the competitions.

I’m with the BCIT team, “DEEP Robotics”. Stop by and say Hi if you get the chance.


Very cool - Alpena is my hometown. I hope you enjoy your stay.

In case anyone is interested in the MATE competition.

So far, so good! Everyone has been really friendly and helpful and the Marine Center looks like an ideal venue for the competition.

I know there are a few FRC teams in the region… hopefully they’ll be able to come by and take a look. Teams from Norway, Russia, and Egypt are just some of the international representation here. I look forward to meeting them tomorrow.


P.S. We had to purchase a small air compressor for use during the competition… it will cost more to ship it home than it was worth. If one of those local FRC teams happened to need one for their shop and was willing to pick it up at the end of the competition I might be able to arrange that.