Material used for manipulators

What materials are teams using on the ends of their manipulators to aid in keeping the cone or game piece secure. Plastidip? Spongy Materials? Curious to find out what teams are using!

Shelf liner
(not this specific one, but very similar)

We’re still finishing up our intake (feels too late in the season, but that’s the way it goes). For maintaining a grip we are planning on just keeping a small power output to the motors. We’re using a top/bottom roller setup (similar to Spectrum). But our intake will flip into an upright position for driving, so gravity is our helper there.

35 durometer compliant wheels.


This type of adhesive backed foam works remarkably well for holding the cone even with only a light amount of pressure as well as firmly holding the cube: McMaster-Carr


A mutilated Green compliant wheel.


Looking to be either material from green compliant wheels or non slip mats. Personally i think the compliant material works a bit better

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Our team also liked the material cut off a green compliment wheel. We’re also thinking of using the shiny side of urethane belt (from Vex) because it appears to have a similar grippiness but will be easier to fasten to our claw.

We haven’t fully landed on a material, but we’re leaning toward 3d printed ninjaflex gripper pads

We’re copying our FTC teams and using green compliants

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Silicon Pot holders are working very well on a free spinning clamp. We can literally move the drive base, while pulling a clamped cone. Check out 6421’s Open alliance for more info. 6421 WarriorBots 2023 Build Thread | Open Alliance 2023 - #15 by Wesley_6421

The Force!

Or, blue compliant wheels.

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We are using a strip 30A, adhesive backed, rubber from McMaster-Carr . It is very grippy!

We used these and it held the cone very well, we replaced them ever 3-4 matches because it was fast and only about 5$ per switch.

we started out with orange belt (urethane belt? don’t remember the name right now) but eventually moved to the sort of thing you’d find on the top of a skateboard. Both of those worked pretty well.

We have a Walmart suction cup bath mat. Super grippy to the point where we wrapped a piece around a cone and swung it around without it falling off

For our first version we used green compliant wheels, but coated them before each match with an brush on adhesive (rubber cement?)
The second we used polyurethane belts.

The small Purple mattress which worked very well and we never had to replace them through two events.

sacrifice a cone works very well