Math Alive! at the Smithsonian

I posted three pictures of a mini version of our 2011 FRC robot, so here is the story.

The mini robot was built to be a part of the MathAlive! dislay at the Smithsonian. The event is sponsored by Raytheon and opened March 10.

We were asked to keep the project quiet, so each student and mentor signed a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” and committed to not discuss the project outside of our team. We shipped the robot in December to support the build of the display.

The model is about 1/3 scale and about 18" tall. We tried to simulate our 2011 robot as much as possible and included the details. It has a cRio, breakout boards, compressor, air tanks, radio, victors, motors, gearboxes, wiring and tubing, and a game piece. We also added a “micro-bot” and deployment.

We were able to include our team number and sponsors on the robot.

The parts are aluminum, stainless steel or plastic. Colors, Inc., one of our sponsors, anodized everything and we color coded the systems. There is a display board that goes with the robot that identifies the systems and coloring.

Allison Transmission, one of our sponsors, funded a 2nd one for us so we have one to display and take to demo’s, sponsors, etc.

We think there are FTC and FLL robots that are also in the display but we have not seen the final set-up. We have some former team members in DC and they are going to take some pictures for us.

The MathAlive exhibit will tour the US for 3 years and will be in Phoenix and Huntsville as the next planned locations.