What Math course is everyone taking? What math do u like the best. personally, I’d have to say Algebra…those were the days, so easy :smiley:

Calc 3 last semester, Calc 4 this one. Diff Eqs are my personal favorites.

I’m in my fourth year of Calc right now. My favorite would have to be a tie between Calc II and III because I loved surface and volume integrals. DiffEqs are cool, but the class I’m in is very boring and a little on the slow side.

I’m only in AB Calc, but ignoring the schedule so I can take the BC AP exam. Unfortunately, I’m WAYY behind (stupid robot) - I’m only on e^x stuff.

For most fun, I’d have to say Algebra II, mostly because of the other people in the class. I got a TI-89 in eighth grade (placed 157 in Mathcounts), and used it for half the year. Early in second semester, the other students complained that my curve-setting was caused by my calculator. The teacher (who disagreed) went along with them and let me borrow his 83 for the tests. Yes, my scores dropped, but only by 2%. I no longer set the curves, but I was usually the second-highest.

Also, the other Algebra II classes had bad teachers, and the tests were the same. Thus, they were curved, and I ended up getting 116% on the final exam! :smiley:

I’m also fond of calculus, because it’s so obviously useful!


It says it all. I’m in Alg II/Trig and our system only goes to Calc II and CP (AB exam) Prob & Stat.

Cosines aren’t actually in AlgII/Trig, but you need them to figure bolt patterens when cutting without a rotary device.

What counts as “beyond calculus?” Is that just past the AP calculus test? If so, which one? Does advanced statistics count? What about discrete math or imaginary math?

Yeah everything after the main calculus course. I took stats along with calc this year and I absolutley loved stats :slight_smile: to bad it’s over now

Calculus AB was fun. I had a nice teacher and had lots of friends in the class.
Calculus BC was even better. The teacher was the best math teacher I ever had, and there were lots of fun problems.

i’m in trigonometry…it’s offered as a full course at my school

I’m in IB Claculus…part II of IB Math Methods SL. We’re beginning to review for our IB Math exams in May. But Algerbra II was definately fun…did my homework at the robotics shop while we were waiting for parts to come in. Getting help from fellow students and adult mentors was great. Its made dojng the HW easier especially since some of my teamates took the class before.

shudder Math…i hate it

…I take Calculus and Finite (Finite=statistics and that sorta stuff)

I guess no math is good math but if I pick a favorite it would have to be Geometery I like the whole shape idea it all makes sense that way! but now I am past that… those happy days! Onto bigger and better things Pre-Calc!!! Learn Learn and learn some more…till you realize there’s no point in learning it all.

Where does statistics fall on that poll? What about trig?..because I am in a class at school that combines the two.

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**Learn Learn and learn some more…till you realize there’s no point in learning it all. **

There’s not really much point in sitting around watching TV either. Do people still do it and like it? They sure do.

I’m taking IB Calculus right now… some of the stuff is actually fun, but I’d have to say my favorite math was Algebra II… of course it would prolly be your favorite too if you had a 104 in it, plus, a great teacher

I am not in a math class…i have enough math credits to graduate and decided to lighten my load a bit.