Matrix Revolutions *SPOILERS*

I just saw the new Matrix movie a few hours ago, and well, it was pretty interesting. What did everyone else think that saw it. All i have to say is that there may and probably be a fourth comming. Once again they did alot of symbolisms and all that philosophy stuff. So lets hear ur feadback.


I didn’t like it one bit.

I was disappointed.

I loved it. I was completely cut off from any of the hype about it, so maybe that has something to do with it. But I was impressed, enjoyed the plot, and laughed at the usual plot holes and corny moments that were also common in the last two.

It was an ending. Good enough :-).

I’m going to see it Friday, hopefully, I HOPE. I’m not expecting it to be a like the first, but I hope for more insight into the Matrix.

still haven’t seen the first one :wink:

I’m somewhere between Brandon and Bill…

I’m waiting until next week when I can get paid to see it :slight_smile:

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**still haven’t seen the first one :wink: **

Woo-hoo! I’m not the only one! :slight_smile:

Aside from the plot holes big enough to sail the Titanic through and the reusing (!!!) of scenes from the first one, it was actually quite good.

Wait. No. I lied.

The only somewhat-redeeming factor was the billion-dollar special effects budget, curtousy of the success of the first Matrix. I think the Wachisodsflzdfski Brothers were just like, “ya know, we’re already rich… lets just have joke around with this one!”

My biggest problem with this movie is they were practically punching the fact the Neo is a Jesus-like savior figure into your face. In the first one, they hinted at this fact. Thats what made the first one good - it got you thinking about what the character is supposed to represent and what he must do. The newest one is just slamming symbolism into your face during every scene. Pardon me for the cliché, but less is sometimes more.

That and the punching-people-into-walls thing… it really got to the point where the effect was overused, much like bullet-time (which, except for that one twist on it, thankfully was not included at all in this movie). Again, this is going back to the less-is-more idea. More groundbreaking special effect ideas like in the first one, please.

Its my opinion they should have stopped with the first Matrix - it seems that because it was so successful, they rushed to turn it into a money-making franchise, and like most money-making franchises, they messed up what was a fine story.


Basically, same as what Dan said, not surprising, considering I saw it with him and a few other guys :p.

It just, doesn’t grab you, at all. The first one, I was sitting there, watching, and it seemed to be a somewhat boring movie about a computer guy. Then all of the sudden, he’s in some crazy pod thing with wires and tubes coming out of him. Needless to say, that kind of grabs you, pretty dang hard, and keeps your interest ;).

It, was, well, a bit cliche with Neo not thinking he was the one till the end, and then going and kicking $@#$@#$@#. Of course, it was expected, but it was still good.

The second one was more of a good action movie than a thinking movie. It was cool though, cause it showed more about the world of the Matrix, and Zion, and I liked learning about that.

The Animatrix was probably the best, only because it cut the crap and told the story, or at least some of them did :).

The third one, was just not fun. It didn’t make you think. It, well, sucked.

I think it would have been a whole lot better, although it would’ve pissed people off, if in the end, Neo had woken up, and was at his computer, and he just saw “Follow the White Rabbit…” and it showed the scene from the first one, except instead of going to the club, he decides to stay home and sleep so he’d keep his job. That’d be the most amazing plot twist, and if done correctly, leave you to believe anything you want, actually making you think. But, I’m not a hollywood executive, so I can’t make movies :p.

Oh well, if there’s a fourth, I’m making sure to go matinee (like I did to this one) and/or just wait until I could “aquire” it…


and you’ve been warned.

Ok, I really enjoyed it. One thing, tho, it was REALLY REALLY, WAY too heavy handed in hammering the Jesus=Neo message home. I mean, if it wasn’t enough that he is sacrificing himself for to end the war caused, as the animatrix hammers home, by mankind’s sins, we see the machines jack him in and hold him in the feet-together, arms-out position of being crucified. and THEN we see more crucifition over and over, after he gives his life to destroy smith. That and the words ‘have faith’ or ‘believe’ being uttered eighteen times a second.

Anywho, that was so heavy that I almost missed the kinda cool undercurrent about choice vs. inevitability. We see Smith use the word inevitable or inevitability about one million times in each film, but i thought it was just a gimmick. However, the whole scene where Neo tells smith that he fights because he chooses to . . a thing that smith cannot understand. Smith is a slave to logic, he cannot contemplate doing anything for a reason other than logic. his motive for destroying mankind is simple: envy. Some machines, as we see in the shape of the Indian man at the subway station, are capable of human emotion and freedom, but not Smith. Smith’s attempt at destruction is a logical move: the world sucks, therefore I must destroy it. Maybe he is capable of some human emotions, because he opts to destroy everything rather than himself, perhaps out of spite. As an agent he was probably programmed with an emphasis on hatred, as his job was to hunt and kill rebels.

Anyway, My friends enjoyed it. The shockwave/rainwater thing in the final fight was great fun, as was the whole kung-foo-flying on a scale that Crouching-Tiger, Hidden-Dragon never even dreamed of. The battle for Zion was amazing, and a great source of amusement (I’m not that sick, but when the officer told Kid to run out with a cart of ammo in a room swarming with thousands of sentinels . . . my buddies and I burst out laughing. )

On the whole, I would give it 80-90% of goodness.

Definatly worth it. And a good ending.

I really liked the movie, and I was quite satisfied with the ending. But the reasons for why I did and why I was don’t make sense to most people, and rather than explain them…

I choose to just click reply for no good reason.

Hmmmmm. After seeing more posts, I want to defend the movie a little more. First off, I want to clarify: the trilogy was written all at once and originally the brothers intended on filming all three at once instead of one then two and three together. That didn’t fly though because it was a pretty outrageous story, so they did what they could with the first one and then got money for the other two. (Watch The Matrix Revisited)

While it seems like the ending leaves an open end that you might stick another movie into - I felt content and the story was over for me. If you think about it, the matrix was very very different in the ending. The green undertone was lost and the first beautiful natural scene was shown. There are many unanswered questions, but I imagine that an ending which answers them would have been pretty dry/boring/disappointing (moreso).

I could have used some more new effects and there were of course some plot holes and some bad acting (such as “Neo, I believe” - horrible). But I think they did a great job directing. They intended for the movie to feel like a comic and I think it did.

3 words…


I don’t know how many of you out there know about Warhammer 40000, but thats what I’d expect a movie about THAT to be like. Jon and I went to see it this morning and as soon as we saw those Mechs we sat there jaws dropped. Absolutely Gorgeous…

10/10 stars

it was horrible and killed the whole triolgy it didnt make sense and everythign was sooo random nothign made sense

Please, detail these obvious plotholes I keep hearing about all the time.

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**Please, detail these obvious plotholes I keep hearing about all the time. **

Why don’t the machines just load a boot disk, reboot, and reformat, for example? Or pull the plug on all the smith-infected systems, then wipe those, and put in clean programs?

thats one that bothered me, that a program could become a threat to the machine world as a whole, just seems unlikely.

anywho, movie still is awesome.

Just, the imagery in the third is so blatant that it amounts to the Wac. bros. beating you with a baseball bat that has “Jesus” written on it. Even though they are Jewish.

So… the movie was as much as I could expect. The dialogue was horrible, the action was great but nowhere near exciting as in the first movie when everything was new, and the ending was a little too happy for me. It did hint a sequel though.

As for plot holes, here’s what I can think of off the top of my head:

How does the ship ‘The Hammer’ survive 10 or 15 or 30 minutes of slamming into walls every half second in the tunnels? Why does it not blow up or at least stop functioning?

If the ship’s captain is so certain that Bane had something to do with destroying the other ships, then why in the world is he left alone at all times with a much smaller woman? Not a plot hole, really, but just something so stupid…

The humans have ships that can travel at very fast speeds and with great agility and dexterity… if their technology is so great, why are they freaking using machine guns and bullets which have to be recharged??? Why not lasers?? Why aren’t there more EMPs at the home base??

I know that Trinity would be happy to see the real sky, but why was she so surprised? Didn’t she get enough of one that was absolutely perfect in the Matrix?

Why does a certain woman not die instantly or nearly instantly after being speared at least 5 times by thick metal rods?

If Agent Smith can replicate himself, then what makes one Smith superior to all the others? It’s not explained at all.

Yeah, I’m going to stop and just enjoy what I saw. It was entertaining and kept me in my seats.

And it’s made me want to play Mechwarrior.