MAX 8 installation issue

alrite so our team received our copy of MAX 8 and we tried to install it butwe install it under network license. we send in for and receive the license for MAX 8 i choose it using whatever it asks me to do and it won accept it. it seems odd to me and installation for network license really didnt come with a hand book so can someone help me out. walk me through it or whatever

I don’t believe that you get a network license with FIRST. I believe you have to use the stand alone license because you only get to use it on 1 machine. Try that and maybe it will work (I however haven’t installed 3ds max 8, partly because there is no FIRST in college). Hope that works.

i had already tryed that it even says on the disk that its a network license unfortunately for 5 people which doesnt make sense it would be easier if they did it for 5 stand alones

5 Standalones would mean they would have to send you 5 cd-keys. I did not see it mentioned anywhere that this was a network license I installed it as standalone, then when trying to authorize it, it told me the key was for a network license and that I need to uninstall and reinstall as network. VERY INCONVENIENT!!! Also can someone explain to me how network licensing works? Do all of the computers need to be on the same network to work. Getting 5 (even just 2, for that matter) fairly decent computers in the same room is very difficult for our team. Is it possible to set up a license server accessable via the internet? Does anyone have any ideas/insight? Post your MAX8 stories here.

see thats what im talking about everyone is confused and doesnt know how to install it some kind of instructions would of been nice or at least a simple easy to install stand alone license.

This surprises me that they handled it this way, though I guess it seems to be the logical choice. I’ve never installed Max through a network, though I’m pretty sure they’d all have to be connected somehow. I guess FIRST and Autodesk are aiming towards the computer lab type setting. My suggestion would be to contact Autodesk if you’re having problems with installation. I’ve found that phone calls would probably work better than e-mails, since my track record with Autodesk getting back to me isn’t very good.

Good luck.

I’ve covered that base to it got me nowhere they just sent an FAQ to me that didnt even help is there neone out there that has got it to work especially in the rochester area

No worries… It’s really not that difficult to install the Network License.

Every FRC team has a copy of 3ds max 8 that allows for 5 seats. Each team gets one license, which is a Network License. Autodesk will not convert it to a stand alone license if you call them. I’ve tried.


  1. You want to install the network license on a server; the server can be any computer which other computers have access to. If you are just installing on ONE computer, the network license still works, too.
  2. Ideally, you want to setup a folder on your network that can be accessed by all computers. For example, the way I set up the network license was I put the license file on an FTP server and the other computers access the FTP server for the license file.
    3)Find out your server’s name, START>(right-click) on MY COMPUTER > Properties > Computer Name Tab. You will need this when you install 3ds max 8 and license activation.
  3. It is important that you install 3DS Max 8 with the Network License option, not Stand-Alone. Do this for all the computers you will be working with. But before you do this, install the network license first.
  4. Now, on the server, install both network license manager and network license activation. Instructions can be found on the 3dsmax8 dvd.
  5. If your comptuer does not have a DVD drive, you can use another computer that has a DVD drive and share that drive so that the server can access the DVD.
  6. Once installed, run 3DSMAX8NLA.exe which can be found in \Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager\Network License Activation Utility\enu\ You will need an internet connection. Fill out the information. Once you;ve finished, it should generate a license file; it’ll ask you to save it on your hard drive.
  7. Once you have the license file, put it in a folder on your server.
  8. go to this thread and read post #2. This wil show you how to setup LMTOOLS.
    10)install 3ds max 8 with the Network License option and input the server name in the Network License Server field. Use the serial number that comes with your copy of the software.
  9. The first time you open 3dsmax 8, you will be prompted to find the license file. This shouldn’t be hard if you setup your network correctly.

I could take screenshots if you guys need it.

Hope I’ve helped :slight_smile:

here’s some screenshots for setting up LMTOOLS. do this after you installed the Network License Manager and after you have activated the license.

click here

In figure 1, you want to go to the Config Services tab. Type a new name for the service; in my example, i put “Autodesk”. Find the files like shown in the screenshots. For “Path to the Debug log file”, just choose any folder. You won’t find any log file for your initial installation. Check USE SERVICES and Start Server at Power Up.

In Figure 2, go to the Service/License File and choose CONFIGURATION USING SERVICES.

In Figure 3, go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab. click START server and EXIT LMTOOLS. then reopen LMTOOLS.

FIgure 4: To check if your network license is running, go to SERVER STATUS and click on PERFORM STATUS ENQUIRY. If you scroll down, you can see a total of 5 licenses issued.

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Thanks a ton!


Does anyone know if it has a “free trial”?

In other words, can it be installed on any computer for 30 days, like Version 7?

I saw it has a 30-day free trial if you install it as an individual license. That might also be the case with the network license server, but I didn’t check before the license was installed.

Yes in standalone the software goes into a 30-day trial when you do not activate it.

Our team is also having installation problems. We installed Max 8 on three computers and made one of them the “server”. We thought we got everything to work but Max won’t open on the “server” computer…

It opens on the other two computers on the network. When we try to open it on the “server” the splash screen comes up and it looks like it’s loading then it just closes…

any ideas?

Autodesk referred us to this file regarding Inventor, but I would assume its probably the same for 3ds.

Sounds interesting, especially the ability to “borrow” licenses from the server.

After multiple conversations with Autodesk, the licenses are allowed to be switched to standalone licenses. This is also true for Inventor Pro. Here is what you should do:
1.) Install the software as standalone.
2.) Go through the activation process and write down the request code.
3.) Call 800-225-1327 to have the license switched to standalone.
4.) They will give you your activation code via email or by phone.

From what I understand, you must follow this process for each computer that you install the software. The FIRST point of contact at Autodesk is Kelly Stanphill ( I have pasted the email that she sent to me. Good luck!

Kelly Stanphill (Temp) wrote:

> Hi Jason,
> If you call 800-225-1327 the software can be changed from a network version to a stand alone version. I apologize if you spoke to someone at this number that was unaware of this rocess. However, I am assured that all employees who are staffing this number now know how to make this switch.
> Regarding the broken disc, please send me your mailing address and I will have our fulfillment vendor send you a replacement.
> Regards,
> Kelly Stanphill

For the record - Kelly Stanphill rocks. I think she’s still the Sponsorship Manager at Autodesk… I met her at the Arizona Regional in 2003 while judging the animations. We had some problems that year with streamline and our animation didn’t upload correctly. They let us burn it to a DVD and show it on a laptop at that regional and the people in charge at our following regional were notified by her of our situation.

Just an awesome lady, left a really good impression of the kind of people who work for Autodesk.

Thanks for posting here guys…and props to Kelly. As of two days ago 1712 now has working software to play with for a few days before kickoff.

This is the same thing that is happening to our team I printed out the steps above and sent them over to the person on our team in charge of it. so I’ll see what happens! Thanks! :slight_smile: