Max clean score

I have been racking my brain and trying to figure out what the maximum score is for this season. Can someone help me out with what the maximum clean score is?


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I believe the maximum score with no penalties is 193.

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Max unpenalized score is 193:

3x Mobility 9
7x Auto Piece 7
Auto Engage 12

9x High 45
9x Mid 27
9x Low 18
9x Link 45

+ 3x Endgame Engage (30)

28 + 135 + 30 = 193


Thank you! I think I saw 160 at a week 0 event.

Just wondering which event and match this score was is in.

There were probably penalties, ISR event had a 300 some score because a robot got pinned then pinning robot was disabled in opposing community zone for the whole match


First week 0 but I honestly do not remember which match had the score. Ironically I was looking to pull up the game reveal video for my FTC daughter and the match came up.
I think maxed clean scores will happen early in the season. Feels like the FTC game in a larger scale. My daughter’s FTC team asked if they could compete🤣

In theory I can contrive a situation that would allow for more than 7 pieces scored in Auto, even without penalties, like if your opponents’ auto messed up enough to knock some of their pre-staged pieces onto your side, and then your auto is advanced enough to identify that’s what happened and go retrieve and score them. I won’t hold my breath waiting for it to happen, though.

If we assume an intentional 6v0 (say, in a practice match) I could see things like that happening if someone really wanted to see how many points they can get.

At a Duluth practice match a robot went across the entire field and scored in the opponent’s grid. That’s a legal score for the opponent and an extra auto point. If they had maxed out everything else they would have had 194 after subtracting penalties.