Max Height

My team is looking at the rule book and it says starting configuration may not be more than 4 feet. We are wondering during the game what is the max height that our robot can be?

Apparently you and someone else had the same thought at the exact same time lol


R3 (what you referenced) and G12 (duck in the hab zone) appear to be the only rules explicitly limiting robot height. R9 (unsafe situations) might limit height as well.

I would also speculate the ceiling of the venue would impose some kind of upper limit as well.


The short answer is no, not after the match starts. At the time the match starts, you must be 4’ or shorter. After that, you may extend as high as is reasonable relative to the game and the venue. Obviously don’t build a 20 foot robot, but 7 or 8 is fine. Also note that when in the HAB zone, your robot may not be taller than the driver station. From the ground, this is 6’6". As you mount the levels of platforms, that limit effectively gets smaller. At level 3, you have just over 4 feet from the top of the platform to work with.