Max number of high goals?

So we’re trying to calculate the max score but if you still get points for high goals after the defense is down there is no max score.

We were reading the rules and they don’t say you can’t keep shooting high goals after the initial eight to lower its defense, so we are pretty sure this still counts for points, but does anybody know for sure?


The way I read it is that you can continue to score boulders in either the high or low goals but you can’t give the tower negative damage. So lets say you shoot 10 boulders into the castle, this means the towers defenses are at 0 not -2. But if you get a technical foul (even if you’ve scored 10 boulders) then the towers defenses go back to 1.

You can continue to score in the high goal after the Tower is weakened.

Look at page 31 and tell me why they would put “or below” on the page if that was the case.

Look at page 31 and tell me why they would put “or below” on the page if that was the case.

Would be helpful if you said which section

Well, it only appears once on page 31, but I meant in 3.1.4. That is the section that governs what you were referring to.

Also see the Glossary on the last page when it defines “Weakened”

Weakened: “the state of a TOWER if its STRENGTH is at or below zero (0)”

In addition to the “is at or below zero” language supporting the use of negative numbers, there’s the simple statement in the previous sentence that a scored boulder decreases tower strength by 1 (i.e. that statement is not qualified by a phrase like “unless the tower is weakened.”)

And since technical fouls add 1 to the tower strength, it wouldn’t seem like a bad idea to get the strength down to -1 or -2, just in case a red flag gets waved towards the end of the match.

Would be helpful if you said which section

The relevant quote from page 31 of the Game Manual, Section 3.1.4 The TOWER

below zero (0).

Section 3.3.2 has a pretty conclusive passage indicating that the STRENGTH of a TOWER can be negative. It can also go above eight.

Although the FIELD lights will only show a maximum STRENGTH equal to the starting STRENGTH and a minimum STRENGTH equal to zero, there is no maximum or minimum STRENGTH for a TOWER.

In section 3.3.2 it states “Although the FEILD lights will only show a maximum STRENGTH equal to zero,there is no maximum or minimum STRENGTH for a TOWER.”

So if you have really good shooting robots … is there any technical foul that is actually worth taking if the tower is at -5 defense?

The other team still gets points, so it would just be like a normal foul with points for the other team.

Plus they generally discourage intentional fouling.

As far as we could tell, the ‘score of diminishing returns’ is 210 in elimination matches (or 216 if you can get the two “Reach Defense” auto points in addition to the 10pts for going through a defense in auto)… but, yes, you can just continually score high goals if your alliance is highly skilled. Additionally, it seems possible (just highly difficult) to score some of the balls on the midline in auto for a higher auto score, if you can grab the balls without crossing/interfering with the midline.

60 Auto - 30 points from crossing 3 defenses, 30 points for scoring 3 high goals (perhaps can get 6 more, if “reaching” and crossing defenses aren’t mutually exclusive in auto)

35 Damaging-Defenses points (5 each, remaining 7 defense-crossings left after auto)
20 Breach points - 1 20pt bonus

25 Boulder points - 5 high goals in teleop

45 Scaling points - 3 robots scaled tower

25 Capture points - 1 25pt bonus for defeating the ‘tower’ with 8 balls and scaling/challenging it

Sorry, but no. Read the paragraph above the blue box in 3.1.3; you can only score 1 DEFENCE points method for CROSSING one DEFENSE, one time, in auto. That includes REACHING. 3.1.3 doesn’t say anything about multiple ball scores in auto.

But since you cannot control more than 1 boulder at a time, you would need to cross over to the courtyard, shoot, go back, intake a midline ball, cross, and shoot again, all in 15 seconds.
Also, G13 would make it even more difficult. You would have to intake the midline boulder without touching the midline, which means that you would have to be able to intake a boulder from the side instead of from the top.
This might be possible, but I’m certainly not going for it.

Does every robot have to start in the neutral zone?

I agree it won’t be easy. But I won’t be surprised at all to see it done.