Max number of motors per talon?

Just pointing out a discrepancy in the rules that I noticed. We were hoping to control two motors from the same talon, but in section r42 of the rules it seems to imply that that is not allowed. However on the robot inspection sheet given to the judges, it seems to say otherwise. Can a talon control more than one CIM motor at a time?

No. They cannot.

Rule 42 says this.

R42 Each power regulating device may control electrical loads per Table 4-4. Unless otherwise noted, each power regulating device
may control one and only one electrical load.

The manual trumps other documents.

The sheet is worded poorly. Because it says the same thing but is not straightforward.

Motor/Actuator Power – CIMs, AM 9015s, Banebots, & VEX motors must be fed by only one (1) motor controller. Each motor controller may have up to two (2) of other motors connected to load terminals (Table 4-4). Single specified motors may be connected to Spike (however multiple pneumatic valves may be driven by a single Spike). <R42, Table 4-4>

Go by the rules, always. Don’t try to control two CIMs with one Talon (or Victor).

Also, the judges do not get inspection sheets. Thanks, your Robot Inspectors.

In table 4-4 It states that you can use a single motor controller for up to 2 of the following motors only:

Automotive Window/Door/Windshield
Wiper/Seat Motors
AndyMark PG
Bosch Motor
Snow-Blower Motor
Denso Throttle Control

When the check list references “other” motors the ones listed above are the ones being referred to.

The following motors must each have their own motor controller
AndyMark 9015

These are not “other” motors… they are motors…
(I must admit that this could be confusing… if one does not READ the rules)

This is all in table 4-4 and the table is referenced in the inspection check list.

The check list is just that… an abbreviated check list that references the rules of the game… it is not a stand alone document.