Max # of cylinders?

Is there a maximum number of cylinders you can use? If we could use 5, it would be wonderful.


There isn’t a max number, but there is a limited number of bore/stroke combinations and manufacturers. Also, you only get three free.

we had i believe 7 on the 1126; 2004 robot. i dubbed it pneumatic nightmare.

Congrats on the 3000 post :D!

We have 8 this year.

Everybody else in this thread is right if the cylinders you are referring to are the actuators, not the accumulators… you are limited to four accumulators.

we almost had 13.

We’re now down to 6, with perhaps going up to 7

Wow… 13? Your poor compressor.

Our current design has 5. Earlier ones had 7, although our cart will have I think 6 more that interface with the robot.

I think the only real limit is when you hit 120 pounds…:ahh:

4 storage tanks is right, but using more than 6 rams is a nightmare.

well, we may consider going back to 12 :). Depends on our alternate design testing.

out of those 12, though, 10 are 3/4" bore 10" stroke. We’ll see if we need them.

The initial design was for 6-7 cyllinders. Now we’re down to 3 cyllinders.

2 of those are for the AM Super Shifter
1 of those will be a 1-1/2" bore 4" stroke piston.

We haven’t fully tested a 2 minute match, but I predict we can get away with not using a compressor mounted to the bot.

Heh… 2 of our 5 belong to our super-secret function that will debut at Waterloo Regional. Also, people probably won’t notice it on the field, and even looking at our robot, you could see the rams, but you won’t likely know what they can do.

You fire that 1.5 bore cylinder more than once I’ll bet the compressor will come on. :slight_smile:

Good luck.

I meant pistons, and I assume that’s what you guys responded about. Thanks!

You were correct in calling them cylinders.

It’s one of my little pet peeves when someone calls them pistons, rams or actuators. :slight_smile: