Max scoring potential in Destination: Deep Space?

Just curious as to what would approximately be the maximum scoring possible in one match.

154 points by the entire alliance, this is also assuming that the alliance can do the impossible triple level 3 climb.

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this is a thread on the max score

139 is our “feasible” max score. This assumes two robots start on level 2 and 1 starts on level one. Both rockets and the cargo ship are completed and 1 robot climbs to level 3 with 2 on level 2.


Until we get some rule clarifications 154 is the “theatrical” max. Not including of course fouls.

I think there is going to be much lower scoring than the past few years. But remember, Pins and and some defensive fouls accrue so if more than 1 robot breaks down while they are both in the opponents side of the field (they shouldn’t be, no more than 1 at a time G9) , you will see scores start to rise VERY quickly. Like when a robot got stuck on the scale and they just kept adding penalty points for the rest of the match.

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Keep in mind, every null panel placed reduces the max possible score.

I think most playoffs alliances will opt for cargo in the cargo ship during sandstorm. Even if they roll out, they’re already close to the ship for later scoring. I think the null hatches are a good idea in a quals match where it’s unlikely that approaching the max score is possible or necessary. Otherwise, cargo all the way.

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