MAX Welcomes you to Kick-Off 2012

1071 would like to formally welcome everyone to the 2012 season.

In honor of the upcoming 10th season for our team (as well as any other teams who had their rookie year in 2003), our PR department through together a little video doing an overview of the upcoming FRC season.

Please comment and evaluate, as PR wants to do more video’s in the future and we are looking for ways to improve.

Is it private? It’s not letting me watch it.

Looks cool, but there’s no video. :\

Quick Bump, Video’s fixed an online now. Go check it out!

Great job on the video!

The only thing I’d add to it is annotations or text for the links you mention (Team Webpage, Mascot facebook page) at the moment the hosts are talking about them.

Thanks for having quiet, but audible background music. That’s a good touch. Also, it sounds like you had some good microphones and sound deadening in the room? Be sure to do some behind the scene videos about your production setup (maybe even a quick shop tour? for examples, see my youtube channel, such as It’s a great way to let people show off what part of the robot they are helping with, or what other projects (Chairman’s, etc) that they are doing.)