Maxbotic Ultra Sonic Senors, Which One

Our team it thinking about using ultrasonic senors for collision avoidance in autonomous mode this year and was wondering which maxbotic sensor would be optimal.

The EZ-2 or EZ-3 have narrower beam widths and it we are reasoning that matching the beam width to the width of the robot 28" is optimal.

Also, it seems the Maxbotix sensors will not require an IRQ handler. You simply pulse them, then wait 50ms and read the analog voltage.

Any comments are appreciated since we have no experience in this area.

i have one, very very easy to use, i believe the only difference between the different types are the range and/or scope of it (i.e. wide range or short long range)

look at the different scopes and see which one you want, dont worry about getting it to work, that part is easy :smiley:

I don’t think you even have to pulse them. The one we’re using acts just like a potentiometer. It connects to +5 and ground, and provides an analog signal.

I can confirm that. The only reason to pulse them is if you have multiple ones, and don’t want them interfering with eachother.