MaxBotix Ultrasonic Sensor + LABView Help

Trying to use a maxbotix ultrasonic sensor on a robot with LabVIEW programming, but I cant figure out how to do basically anything with the programming/computer side of this. Could anyone help with this?

Look in the FRC examples:
View->Getting Starting Window…
Support->Installed FRC Examples…

You’ll get a popup with all the installed examples.
Look in the Sensors folder for “EZ1 MB1010 Sonar - Analog.lvproj”

That’s a stand-alone project you can run to test the sensor and see how it works.

Thanks a lot! The next step that we aren’t so sure about is how to get that output value onto the driver station dashboard (a plain number would be fine)?

Here’s an example.
Note: there are even simpler ways to do this.

  1. Add a write of the distance value to your robot code. There is an example in the lower left of the attached picture where the Distance value gets written in
    You use the NT pallet (menu location showed on the right).

  2. Add the value to your Dashboard.
    A) Create a new Dashboard project from the Getting Started Window if you don’t already have one.
    B) In the top loop of the Dashboard block diagram add an NT Read using the exact name you gave it in
    C) Create Indicator to the NT Read’s Numeric output and it will appear on the Dashboard front panel.
    Drag the new display onto the Drive tab anywhere.
    D) Build the Dashboard project.
    E) By default it will place the new Dashboard in Documents->LabVIEW Data->builds. You can run it from there, or copy it to where the Driver Station starts it from which is C/Program Files (x86)/FRC Dashboard

Works like a charm!