Maximum Arm Length

Is is possible to have an arm that extends outside 6’? I have heard from a source that there is a 6’ limit to the maximum extent of an arm. Is this true?

You may only extend to a 72" x 72" with your robot.

But the robot can’t extend that amount, but what about an arm on top of it?

as far as up goes, there is no limit.

basically, if you build a 72"x72"xwhatever" box u can go anywhere inside that box but NO part of your robot can go past 72"x72" when you are outside of the home zone…

Initial starting height configuration is limited to your robot weight, 48" for 120lbs, 60" for 110lbs, and 72" for 110lbs or less. After the game starts there is no controlled height limit. The center of the top ring is 95" so your arm must extend to reach it. Now if this long arm was at such an angle that it exceeded the 72" x 72" base dimensions, I believe you could be penalized.