Maximum Height with balls

This is a question when the match starts in auto OR during the match play itself…

Can the balls go above the 60" hieght limit…

meaning when you stack the 10balls into your robot, and 1 or 2 are sticking in the air above the 60" would that bring about a pentaly?

or if during play you are collecting balls and a or few balls are above the 60" limit would that call a penalty…

our team was disscusing this and i didnt see any posts so far…

i was saying no becasue its the PART or the robot… *ive read through the robot rules and the game rules and saw nothing about the balls themselves being above the 60"

You should ask this on the official Q&A site. I’m betting that, yes, the robot and anything it is carrying (except flags) are subject to the 60-inch rule.
Someone already asked that question.

I would agree, but i think the spirit of the rule is to prevent “dunking” and completely covering the 3 point hole. so a ball in hopper being higher than 60" is probably OK.

Edit: oops… well i was right

I think that if during the match the balls exceed the 60" limit it’s OK, but I believe you can’t before the match.

Q: In section, rule R08 it states: “The robot may not exceed the 60-inch height restriction at any time during the match.” My question. If the robot is made to haul balls around, may the balls break the 60" top restriction?

**A:**Yes, but you must meet the size requirements for the start of the match specified in G12.