Maximum Points in a Match of Recycle Rush

As you all may remember, it was quickly determined that Aerial Assist had an infinite points margin. This is determined by assuming that if any given task in a match was able to be done infinitely fast that the alliance would no longer be able to gain any more points. Usually this discounts fouls because that would make most games point margin infinite. But in Recycle Rush points are deducted for fouls so it doesn’t even matter.
Last year was infinite because there was no limit on how many times a ball could be put back into play. This year is different.
Any given alliance in a game of Recycle Rush can have a maximum of 70 grey totes, 3 yellow totes, 20 litter, and 7 containers in their possession for teleoperated. They can get this if the other alliance shoots all of their litter onto this side. So, the highest stack that can be made is a 6-tote stack with a container and a piece of litter worth 42 points each. They can make 7 of those. Then they can make 4 more 6-tote, 12 point, stacks and 1 4-tote, 8 point, stack. After that they do the coopertition stack for 40 points and return the remaining 13 pieces of litter to the other teams non-landfill zones for 4 points each. This brings the highest teleoperated score to 442 points.
In autonomous, this team would do a robot set for 4 points, a container set for 8 points, and a stacked tote set for 20 points. This brings the highest autonomous score to 32 points.
All of this means that highest score for Recycle Rush is 474 points. Now, you may be asking yourself: “When will this come in handy?” Well. Frankly it’s just a fun tidbit of information that I found out. Good Luck to everyone and have a great rest of the build season! I’ll see you at the competition!

What if the other alliance accidentally knocked grey totes or recycling bins from their side to your own? Would you be able to score those?

Im not entirely sure about this one but I know that if you grab 3 totes from the step in autonomous and bring it into the auto zone you also get a container set. is it possible to get 2 container sets then?

Nope my original plan was to tether to as much on the step as possible and then pull it all into the auto zone but the GDC made the landfill a volume and not an area so that was thrown out.
Wait do you mean recycling bin sets?
Or tote sets?

I recall in one Q&A that the containers included in a container set are not limited to the 3 near the alliance wall, but any 3 containers. My question is if you can get 2 container sets by grabbing 6 total

EDIT: I mean recycle bin sets

Yes: Q234

No: Q23.

Q23 Q. Can more than one (Auto) Container Set be scored by the same alliance in the same match?
FRC0095 on 2015-01-07 | 37 Followers
A. The Game Manual is a bit ambiguous there. Our apologies. Team Update 2015-01-09 updates the language to clarify that no, each AUTO scoring option (CONTAINER SET, TOTE SET/STACK, ROBOT SET) is a singular opportunity for an ALLIANCE. For example, if six (6) RECYCLING CONTAINERS are present within the AUTO ZONE that would still only count for one (1) CONTAINER SET.

Question was answered, helps to read the Q&A :stuck_out_tongue:

For reference, Q23 states that only 1 container set can be made in autonomous.

But in must be stated that my premise to grabbing stuff from the step is legal per Q6

EDIT I was beaten XD

Given that you can use the things that fall over to your side. Assuming that all things did that would bring the score to 680 using 10 24 point stacks, 11 12 point stacks, and the rest of the other numbers.

By that point you also start to run out of room to place stacks on the scoring platform. If I remember my calculations correctly, you can fit 10 stacks on a single scoring platform if you are precise, but no more. This would mean a hard ceiling of 668 pts.

The color of the LITTER matters, so you can’t just score 134. The best you could do would be 104 + 3*1 = 43 from those remaining 13 LITTER (assuming that you scored 7 of the opponent’s LITTER in the RCs).

The bottom line is that this is a resource-limited game. I suspect that the most precious resource for 90% of the teams will be time, not game pieces. If you’re so fast that time is not your limiting factor, further gains will be from game pieces that are on, or may cross, the step. As I figure it, next up the levels of competition will be the RCs on the step, then totes on the step, and finally litter.

the other team would have a penalty on thier score but i saw no rules against stacking knocked down totes.