Maximum Rounds Played at a regional event??


I am making an application to assist with scouting and it would really help if I knew how many rounds I can expect a team to play during the regional competition. Does anybody know what the maximum rounds a team will play? Also, how many practice rounds will each team play (assuming they show up).


Regionals guarantee 10 qualification rounds, but some smaller events can give more matches. Generally, you will get between 2 and 4 practice matches depending on scheduling and how the field is working.

If you make to the eliminations, you are also assured of 2 more matches, with the possibility for 9 or more (if there are any ties).

If a regional is small enough a team could get 12 qualification matches like in a 40 team district competition.

Do you have a source for this? ::rtm::

Maybe there is a recent policy to this effect that I have not been able to find in the 2013 Manual; however, I know of many past regional events where teams have played less than ten qualifying matches. That has generally been the case for regional events with more than 60 teams competing.

One the things I really like about the district system is playing twelve qualifying matches at each event. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I’ll program 15 just to be sure I don’t run out of space.

As of 2011, this was what FIRST asked all regionals to accommodate for, as stated in the now gone Bill’s Blog, AFAIK. This was never in the manual, simply in one of the other “non-official” FRC communiques.

Some regionals did not accommodate this, mostly events that were larger.

Looking at the OP’s location, he is most likely going to one of the MN regionals, where you will probably get 9 matches, judging from past performance. Also note that the CT regional had ONE less team than the 10,000 Lakes Regional and had 10 matches. The WPI regional had 12 matches last year, as a high water mark.

Definitely not true, especially at the larger events with 60+ teams.

I would recommend you try to design your software without limiting the number of matches. Why not make the number of matches a setting? Programmers are always making the mistake of saying “we’ll never run-out of ______.” You might be too young to remember Y2K, but I recommend reading about it.

Yeah I can’t think of any programmatic reason why you’d need to limit the # of matches

Because of the filler line, you can’t make an assumption about the number of practice rounds that someone will play.

Word I’m hearing is this year the regionals are being asked to provide 11 matches. Of course this is conditional on the size of the event.

If you need an absolute upper bound, there are roughly 100 qualification matches at each regional. There are fewer total number of practice matches.

So, just to be completely safe, set the upper bound to 200 matches per team. That way you definitely won’t run out this year.

Of course, the better practice would be to design the app to support any number of matches, without any specific maximum number.

Per the FIRST Regional planning guide quality standards, the requirement is 8 and best practice is 10 or more.

However, that hasn’t been updated since 2010.

Rutgers District Event last year had 13 matches per team during qualifications.

Districts and regionals would certainly differ in the number of matches they run due to their fundamentally different nature.


Write your code to be flexible to the number of matches. I’ve lost track of the number of times I programmed in a “magic number” hard limit to something and had that cause unpredictable results somewhere down the road because it was exceeded.

It’s also exactly like creating CAD models; draw them robustly using reference planes, axis’ and robust sketch relations and dimensions, and the CAD model is very resilient to iterative change. Try to cut corners by doing things “quicker”, and you’ll spend more time in the long run fixing sloppy work than just doing it right the first time.

True. However a truly robust piece of software should be able to account for all of the variations, including things like replays of matches (hopefully never again) due to “issues”.

Yes, however, this year all MAR district events will have 12 matches each.

If you must limit the number, 20 per event is more than enough. We scout differently for the elimination rounds. We specifically look for weaknesses and strategies. Think about how the elimination round scouting would change.