Maxplanetary falcon shafts OD too large

Our MAXPlanetary Falcon input kit shafts are too large in OD. They are 8.0 to 8.03 in diameter. The Falcon face output bearing won’t slide over and measures at 7.96 to 7.99 diameter. Has anyone been able to assemble their maxplanetary to a Falcon so far with these shafts?

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We had a similar issue with our TTB keyed falcon shafts. You could probably just sand it down a bit so that it fits. We didn’t have to because it was only slightly too big, but as long as you don’t modify the key-way too much it shouldn’t hurt.

We had a similar issue with the shaft binding on the input housing and we figured out it was because we didn’t add the metal plate between the motor and the plastic input housing.

We had the same issues and contacted rev support last week. They suggested we sand the shafts down slightly to fit. For sandpaper they recommend 320 and to possibly finish off with something higher (400-600) to keep the surface finish smooth.

We had one of our students successfuly do this and fit the bearings on the shaft.

The Falcons we had issues with were the older v1 Falcons with the silver shaft.

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