MaxSonar Ultrasonic Range Finder

We got a HRLV-MaxSonar-EZ MB1013 in our KOP and I’m having a bit of trouble getting an actual reading from the unit. I’m powering it through the VMR 5V/500mA. I have the GND wired to Pin 7 and the live to Pin 6 as per the instructions. When I check the output of the analog pin I am getting a constant 4.68V when using a multimeter. When I hook it up the the analog input on the roborio I get about 4.5 (coding in JAVA using getVoltage()). This value does not change when objects are moved in from of the sensor at any distance.

Am I doing something wrong?

Best way is to use an analog input. Here’s how to wire it:

Make sure to use something big to block the wall. Sometimes if you’re a couple of feet out a hand is not enough to trigger it unless you’re lined up well.

OK, Pin 6 is power (2.5 to 5.5 volts DC), Pin 7 is ground, and Pin 3 is Analog Output (referenced to Pin 7). With those 3 pins connected, you should see a varying DC voltage on Pin 3 as you place a (reasonably-sized) object in front of the sensor, about 0.001 volts per millimeter (4.88 mV/mm), minimum about 300 mm.

If all is correct and that’s not what you’re seeing, I claim faulty component.

Thanks for the response. I agree that it is a faulty component. I get a replacement and try it out.